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Comfort and safety with one of
the best rotorcrafts in the business

The Experience…

You don’t have to be a ski movie superstar to heli-ski but you will sure feel like one when skiing with us. The amazing Caucasus Mountains, perfect snow and our unbounded enthusiasm to turn your journey into an unforgettable experience will make your dream – i.e. awesome skiing while tracking pristine powder – come true – and possibly very soon. We care about each and every one of our guests and we are proud to provide a service that meets very high international standards.

Professional team

The Heliksir team is not just a group of people who love what they do and put their hearts into it. They are first and foremost professionals of a very high caliber: guides, pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, technical and administrative personnel, cooks, as well as managers and affiliated operators. To assemble our team, we blended the highest standards of the Canadian heli-ski system with the unique character of Georgian hospitality.

Our managers will be happy to answer each and every of your questions in order to help you determine which option is best for you regarding price, level of difficulty and duration of the program; we want to make sure your journey is clearly organized from the beginning to the end. Our guides will be with you at all times throughout the program. They will help you choose the gear, instruct you on the safety rules to follow and ensure your safety while skiing. They will always be available to help you.

Small groups

We specialize in small-group starting from 4 heli-skiers per group with 1 guide, 8 heli-skiers with 2 guides, etc. When making the groups, we carefully consider the level of expertise of each guest and group people of similar ability; we also select safe terrain of corresponding difficulty to make your skiing experience as enjoyable as possible. Small groups allow us to provide a personalized experience. We will not waste your time, nor will we rush you; instead you will be skiing at a pace appropriately chosen for you, while enjoying the quiet solitude of the mountains, only rarely disrupted by the sounds of our air taxi. Enjoying yourself is all you will have to worry about! We will take care of everything else.


There is even more entertainment available besides your day of skiing adventure.

In the evenings, or during the down days (bad weather happens in the mountains, this is why we have such great snow to ski), alternative activities are available to our guests:

  1. Gudauri ski resort offers fine piste-skiing. First ski lifts is located just right outside the entrance of Marco Polo hotel where you will be staying.
  2. You can enjoy the many recreational facilities the hotel offers, including: a spa area with indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and massage clinic*, as well as game rooms where you can play billiards*, bowling*, tennis table or tennis*.
  3. The Georgian feast! On the last day of your 6-day program, Heliksir will invite you to a traditional farewell dinner with all of the participants of your program and all the members of the Heliksir team. You will experience Georgia’s traditional feast – the “Supra” – where you will taste Georgia’s famous national cuisine and of course, Georgia’s renown wine (this is where you can impress everyone with your new dancing skills). This evening will guarantee many pleasant memories!

Our selection of events will give you a chance to learn more about Georgia’s history, culture, folklore, cuisine and wine without losing a single moment from your main heli-ski program.

Happy holidays!

Note: services marked with asterisk* are not included in the price of your heli-ski package.

Detailed information on services and prices can be obtained from our office personnel or agents.

In case of bad weather preventing us to complete your package, a refund will be issued for unused vertical meters (Classic package) or unused helicopter flight time (Exclusive package) or cancelled day of skiing (Day package). Please, see Heliksir’s Terms & Conditions for details.

Lodging ****

Svaneti Lodging

Installed in the old post office of Mestia, Hotel Posta**** offers a combinaison of Georgian authentic charm and modern amenities in twin rooms and  a full board service. Each room includes a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom, while selected ones include a balcony. Free Wi-Fi, soundproof rooms and a terrace. Single room  available at an additional cost.

Gudauri Lodging

We offer our guests twin rooms with half board at the best hotel of the ski resort: Gudauri Marco Polo****. You can order a single room at an additional cost. The hotel is located in the center of the resort in walking distance from the ski lifts and the helipad.

What’s that
all about?

Learn more about heliskiing

Helicopter skiing or heli-skiing is a type of backcountry skiing / free-riding which involves a helicopter to access remote areas and slopes of virgin powder snow.

Adventurous off-piste and free-riding adepts, who are unable to heli-ski in those countries with restrictions in place, are now coming to the Caucasus Mountains where they can enjoy an exciting heli-skiing experience in the Mt Kazbegi region – the most attractive area for this type of adventure.

Thanks to its successful development, heli-skiing as a more adventurous variant of skiing is becoming increasingly popular among skiers and snowboarders, from experienced free-riders to off-piste first timers.

Winter fans are constantly encouraged to push further their skiing / snowboarding adventure; convenient infrastructure at ski resorts giving access to off-piste skiing areas constant exploration of new slopes revealing attractive descents, availability of high-tech safety gear for skiing in the backcountry, increasing number of travel agents specializing in adventurous holidays… are among the major factors.

Heli-skiing stands out because of the incredible freedom and convenience it gives – in remote areas- for moving from one summit to the next, and for providing a large choice of pristine slopes and powder runs.

Furthermore, heli-skiing is practiced in selected places, carefully chosen by professional and highly skilled guides leading the groups and striving to minimize the risks associated with this activity. This allows skiers/snowboarders to enjoy the natural environment -and the infinite joy of heli-skiing- with a feeling of safety, regardless of the degree of mountain experience and snowpack knowledge they may have.

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