Skiing in the Greater

Mountain holding  up the sky

2000 square kilometres of  heli-ski area

Heliksir is operating in the Greater Caucasus, the major mountain range of the Caucasus Mountains. Our base is located in one of the famous ski resort in Georgia, Gudauri, just a 120 km from Tbilisi International Airport. Our heli-ski area borders Mt Kazbegi (5,054 m) and spreads over several sub-ranges, in Georgia. We have access to an impressive heli-ski space of 2,000 square kilometres, with high towering peaks, vast alpine bowls and deep valleys. The area offers a great choice of terrain; we have a variety of runs and steepness to accommodate every level, from first time heli-skier to expert freerider.

Many of our landings (top of the runs) are above 3,000 m and up to 4,200 m for the highest. When conditions in the high alpine are not suitable, we use areas of lower elevations which give us some excellent skiing / riding with runs ending as low as 1,200 m in the valley bottoms.

Runs average 800 vertical metres. On our multi-day programs, people ski/ride between 3,500 and 6,000 vertical metres a day.

15 metres of snowfall per year

Our heli-ski area lies in the heart of the Greater Caucasus Range which is known for its high amount of snowfall and where snow means powder! The area receives an average of 15 metres of cumulative snowfall per year.

From data collected over the past years in the area, our statistics show that skiing/boarding conditions are good to excellent 90 to 95% of the time. Due to colder temperatures, dreamlike powder is most likely to be found in January and February. On the other hand, later in the season, days are longer and the weather tends to be more stable, yet with snow storms passing through regularly. You can still enjoy great powder skiing / boarding in March.

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