Its every free skiers dream to ride the mountains and towers in Ushguli Village, Svaneti and professional freerider Iva Tsiklauri from Georgia is no exception to the rule. Fresh powder snow, the beautiful but tricky late winter weather and virgin mountain slopes gave Iva Tsiklauri the ingredients he needed for an amazing performance in Ushguli village.

Ushguli or Ushkuli is a community of villages located at the head of the Enguri gorge in Upper Svaneti, Georgia. Ushguli comprises four villages: Zhibiani some 2100 m above sea level; Chvibiani or Chubiani; Chazhashi or Chajashi; Murqmeli.

The Ushguli villages contain buildings that are part of the UNESCO Heritage site of Upper Svaneti.

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